Holy Spirit Junior Primary School

The School Day


09.00 a.m. All Classes start

01.40 p.m. Junior Infants & Senior Infants home time

02.40 p.m. 1st Class & 2nd Class home time

Other things to note:
Lining up
Please stand beside/behind the line designated for your child’s class in the morning and don't cross through/in front of the line as the boys and girls walk in. Remember that lines crowded with grownups can frighten some of the children.

Please do your best to have your child at their line on time each morning and to be on time when collecting them. It can be upsetting for a child if s/he is late or is not collected in time.

We hope your child will be at school every day but if absence is unavoidable, then we need a brief written explanation. Please fill out an absence note (which has been given to each child) and give it to your child’s teacher the next day they are in school. The teacher will have spare absence notes in the classroom.

Before & After School Care
There is before and after school care in the school premises which is ran by 4+ In-School Care. Please contact Pauline Buggy for more details. Phone: 087 4185008 Email: pauline.plusfour@gmail.com

On-street car parking is available outside the school. The church car park, beside the school, is also available for parking during drop off and collection times. Please do not park in the staff car park at any time. Please adhere to parking restrictions around the school entrance and do not park in the bus bay at any times. It is important to keep your children on the path and marked walking areas within the school grounds, for the safety of each child. Thank you for your co-operation in this issue.

Wet Mornings

On a wet morning, to avoid the children getting wet: if you drive to school, remain in your car until 9am. If you are walking, time your journey so that you arrive to school at 9am. We will leave the main school door open until 9.10am to facilitate you on very wet mornings.

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