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The Arts

The Arts

We have some fantastic artists, both children and staff, in our school, and we love to show case this great work.
Last year, Ms. Ward, Mrs. Cusack and Ms. Brennan focussed on 'Art through the Ages' with their first classes. The children and teachers loved this and all learned so much. Please click here to learn more about this fantastic project and to see some wonderful samples of this art work.

This year, everyone has been busy doing lots of creative artwork in our school.

In Junior Infants, the boys and girls have been learning about animals that live on a farm and they made beautiful collages of farmyards. They used different materials including crepe paper, cotton wool and felt to make their fantastic collages.

Meanwhile, in the Senior Infant classrooms, the children have been learning about different shapes in Maths. They used circles to make animals and plants. The boys and girls made fruit and vegetable themed prints using paint as they had been learning about healthy fruit and vegetables. Treasure maps and butterfly prints have also been on display in our school. In addition, beautiful garden pictures based on the Irish poem ‘An Gairdín’ have also been created.

Over in the First Class corridor, the children have enjoyed learning about a famous artist called Claude Monet who was a French artist. They created artwork inspired by his ‘Lily Pond’ painting.

Finally, the children in Second Class made pictures based on the topics they were learning about in Maths and SESE. There were silhouette pictures of Italy’s landmarks on display and some beautiful symmetrical butterfly paintings.

As we are in the season of Winter, many of our classes have created artwork around this theme from snowmen to penguins. Snowflakes and snow globes have been made too. We are very pleased to share our artwork with you on our new website.


Music is an important part of the curriculum in Holy Spirit Junior Primary school. Children enjoy singing in the classroom. Musical instruments are used to accompany some of these lessons.

Children in First and Second are given an opportunity to learn a musical instrument. The Tin Whistle is a simple way of finding out if there are any hidden musical talents. Learning with their classmates enhances the experience and may even awaken an interest in pursuing music as a hobby.

Click hereto see our tin whistle class!


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