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Interactive Maths Games:

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Math is Fun:Lots of interactive activities, explanations and games. Organised into year groups for easier access to activities at your child's level. Click here.

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Top Marks: You can browse this website by age group for fun maths games. Click here.

Hit the Button: Practice your number bonds, doubles and halves. (First and Second Class) Click here

Teddy Numbers: Practice your counting (Junior Infants). Click here.

Chinese Dragon game: Practice ordering and sequencing numbers (Junior and Senior Infants). Click here.

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Daily 10: Daily mental maths practice. Click here.

Brain Workout Addition: Challenge yourself with this tricky brain workout. (Challenging activity). Click here


ICT games: Colourful and fun educational maths games aimed at 5 to 8 year olds. Click here.


Woodland Junior: Lots of fun interactive activities to improve mental maths and help with revision. Click here.

Measure it: Practice your measuring skills. Click here.

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Coolmath4kids: Lots of interactive and fun games. Click here.

Math Playground: Explore hundreds of math games, logic puzzles and more! Click here.


Maths Sheet Generator:

Helping with Maths: Create your own worksheets by clicking on your chosen thumbnail image. Click here.

Math Worksheet Creator: Selection of free options to create worksheets. Click here.


Interactive Maths Tools:

Interactive Clock: Use this clock to practice reading the time. Click here.

Mostly Postie: Practice reading the weighing scales with this game. Click here.

Manipulatives: Ten frame, base ten blocks, number line and pattern blocks available here.

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